John Turner Consulting, Inc. (JTC) is a multi-discipline consulting firm founded in 1997.


Providing geotechnical engineering and consulting, environmental consulting, special inspections, utility inspections, highway inspections, materials testing, and structural and infrared evaluations.

Our business success is directly linked to our clients’ satisfaction, which we continually try to enhance through improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, and competitive positioning.

Our Values


We really listen to our customers so we can fulfill and exceed their expectations.

Strategic Locations

Headquartered in North Hampton, New Hampshire, John Turner Consulting operates seven offices/fully functional laboratories throughout New England. We strategically position employees in particular geographic areas based on specific project needs. Our distribution of offices enables us to respond efficiently and effectively to our clients. This makes JTC ideally suited for clients who have projects located throughout New England and need multiple services such as environmental, geotechnical and construction observation.


We combine new-world solutions with old-school values.


We are large enough to have the experienced, reliable staff to support our clients, while remaining small enough to cater to each client’s individual needs.


JTC believes in thinking outside the box in order to provide our clients with designs that help enable projects to be constructed within budgets. We are creative when it comes to providing cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

Staff Certification

We are ahead of the curve on Transportation Projects with 70+ NETTCP-certified Inspectors. JTC highly encourages and funds the training, certification, and growth of our staff. We promote obtaining certifications and proper training through many professional organizations including ICC, PCI, ACI, NETTCP, NICET, AWS, etc. We maintain registered Professional Engineers in each of the New England states and in New York.

A Team that is Ready to Handle All of your Unique Needs

JTC maintains a team of over 150 professionals including project managers, construction managers/resident engineers, geotechnical and environmental engineers, HMA paving consultants and inspectors, special inspectors, materials testing technicians, and specialty technicians (infrared, floor flatness, structural investigations, etc.).