Pavement Management & Consultation


JTC delivers comprehensive quality assurance and quality control services to engineers, state agencies, municipalities, and contractors. Our knowledge in pavement structural design, material gradation, existing pavement evaluation and recommendation, has led many private contractors, engineering firms, commercial development companies, cities and towns across the Northeast to turn to JTC for their pavement evaluation & management needs.

JTC provides full service pavement management and investigation services. We perform visual evaluation/condition assessments, supplemented with pavement forensics/investigations and AMRL-certified laboratory testing, to determine the most cost-effective design for reconstruction. JTC helps manage the entire process for our clients, from preparing specifications and prescreening bidders, to assisting with bidding/award process and overseeing construction.

JTC Pavement Management Consulting Group

JTC staff have extensive experience in projects providing Quality Assurance and Quality Control services to engineers, state agencies, municipalities, and contractors alike. JTC employs an expert staff of Inspectors, Technicians, and laboratory services for both field and plant needs. Staff is continually trained on latest technologies and industry movements through the NorthEast Transportation Training & Certification Program, The Asphalt Institute, Massachusetts Aggregate Asphalt Producers Association, Maine Asphalt Pavement Association, and continually seeking more.

Staff experience includes varying types of mix designs, using wide ranges of admixtures while controlling the product and implement changes as projects require, whether at the production facility or at the point of placement. Our project profile includes Quality Assurance Testing and Inspection throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Additionally, we have been providing the same services in all these regions for the Federal Aviation Administration as well.


To learn more about our Pavement Management Consulting services, please contact Nicholas Lisowski, Director of Pavement Management