Special Inspections


Special Inspections is the monitoring of the materials and workmanship that are critical to the integrity of a building structure. The International Building Code (IBC) established special inspection protocol and requires Structural Tests and Special Inspections for materials, installation, fabrication, erection and/or placement of components and connections. These special inspection processes require specific expertise to determine compliance with approved construction documents and referenced standards.

JTC is a special inspections and testing firm recognized through national accreditation and validation regularly conducting tests and inspections throughout New England. JTC’s role includes ensuring that the Schedule of Special Inspections is strictly adhered to and that all required inspections are completed. We maintain a punchlist and ensure that re-inspections are performed prior to signing off on any area of work. JTC provides interim reports as well a final signoff at project completion.

JTC Special Inspections Group

Our firm’s employees hold specific certifications that virtually no other firms have in New England. These certifications include International Code Council (ICC) for reinforced concrete special inspector, pre-stress concrete special inspector, spray-applied fireproofing, fire-stopping, and structural masonry.

To learn more about our Special Inspections services, please contact Ellen Ianello – Director of Construction Services and Special Inspections