Environmental Consulting


JTC provides environmental consulting in addition to our geotechnical engineering and construction materials engineering/testing services. Our environmental consulting firm offers our clients a fully-integrated delivery system of environmental consulting services in support of all facets of development and redevelopment projects throughout the Northeast, undertaken by public and private, commercial, residential, institutional, and transportation-related clients. The range of our environmental support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Environmental site assessments; property due diligence
  • Conceptual site model/design
  • Geo-environmental analyses (soil, groundwater, soil gas, indoor air)
  • Risk assessment and remedial feasibility/design
  • Environmental remediation construction; operations; maintenance
  • Federal and state regulatory compliance services; SWPPP, SPCC, UST/AST
  • Remediation quality assurance (QA)/quality control (QC) observation
  • Construction related soil management programs and oversight; disposal pre-characterization

JTC Environmental Consulting Group

From a project’s initial inception, to feasibility evaluation and design, and throughout construction phases, JTC’s environmental team provides practical, balanced, and economical consulting services to developers, architects, institutions, and contractors. Our staff brings together multi-discipline project experience in:

  • Subsurface exploration
  • Geotechnical analysis
  • Geo-environmental site evaluation, risk assessment, and remediation
  • Industrial hygiene and building sciences
  • Construction engineering inspection/monitoring

To learn more about our Environmental Consulting services, please contact Andrea W. Kenter, P.G., Director of Environmental Services