Construction Loan Monitoring


JTC offers a fully integrated system of construction loan assessment and monitoring services. Our services ensure that the loan funds are being used as intended, and the project is on track, on time, and within budget. This monitoring involves initial budget assessment, site inspections, financial reviews, and risk assessments to mitigate potential issues and protect the lender’s interests throughout the construction phase:

  • Preconstruction Reviews
  • Onsite Draw Inspections
  • Schedule and Documentation Review
  • Financial Tracking and Forecasting
  • Lien Waiver Tracking
  • Project Close-Out

Our comprehensive services include expert site visits to assess progress, budget control, and quality. We provide clear, timely reports and ensure project compliance. We monitor schedules to achieve timely completion while minimizing delays.

To learn more about our Construction Loan Monitoring services, please contact Ellen Ianello – Director of Construction Services and Special Inspections