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Environmental and Asbestos Assessment for Redevelopment Project

  • Nashua, NH
  • Commercial
  • Building Sciences
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Geotechnical Engineering



JTC provided various services on a redevelopment project in Nashua, NH including geotechnical investigation, environmental consulting, and asbestos management support.

Based on the history of the site as a former manufacturer of asbestos containing product, an Asbestos Disposal site work plan was required prior to initiating any subsurface investigation. The subsurface investigation, which included both soil borings and test pits, collected information for geotechnical purposes, assessment of potential for environmental contamination and identification and delineation of asbestos containing materials. As part of the boring program, JTC determined soil types and densities, depth of fill materials, and permeability. In conjunction with the test pit program, JTC delineated the presence of asbestos containing materials and conducted a high intensity soil survey.

JTC provided recommendations for the handling of asbestos containing material during the site construction, as well as geotechnical recommendations for subsurface soil improvements and foundation design.

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