Featured Projects

Rehabilitation of Runway 11-29, L. G. Hanscom Field

  • Bedford, MA
  • Airport
  • Pavement Management Consulting
  • Materials Testing and Laboratory Services

This Massachusetts Port Authority project consisted of asphalt milling; Portland cement concrete rubblization; P-401 asphalt overlay: light adjustments, duct bank installation; pavement markings; runway grooving; asphalt runway shoulder pavement removal; reclamation of asphalt safety area pavement at both ends of runway 11/29; construction of reclaimed base course; loaming and seeding and other incidental items of work.

JTC’s scope of services included acceptance testing and inspections on the following: P-401 laboratory testing; P-209 & P209A ‘laboratory & field testing; QC plan review; mix design review; and PWL calculations.

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